Lauren: Planning a Wedding

Zach and I have been married for just over a month. It has been a learning period and a time to reflect on the whole wedding planning process. I want to share three major lessons that I learned during our one-year engagement.

  1. It’s not easy to do what YOU want, but it’s worth it. I spent months going back and forth on big decisions and asking the opinion of everyone around me. We didn’t go with the traditional round bouquets and formal arrangements. Ours were uneven, lush, overflowing, and filled with greenery. They were one of my favorite parts of the wedding. I audibly gasped when I saw how closely they matched my vision.  Another non-traditional approach was not having a groom’s cake. Zach doesn’t eat cake (I know–how did I marry such a monster?), so we didn’t bother with a dessert that would not represent him. Instead, I chose two tiers of my cake as chocolate with Nutella mousse filling. Yeah, you can guess how much leftover cake I ate in the days following our wedding.


2. Incorporate touches that are special to you or your husband. Being from New Orleans, I always wanted a Second Line. The “main line” of the parade is typically the band, and the “second line” is everyone who follows along dancing. Our band let us go first, while they followed. Some of our guests had no idea what was going on, but our New Orleans guests grabbed napkins to wave in the air. As we are avid Saints fan, our band played “When the Saints go Marching In”, and I loved hearing people sing along.


Another special touch was our cake pulls. These are also a New Orleans Tradition. The girls pull a ribbon out of the cake to find a charm. Each charm has a special “fortune” or meaning. A ring might mean she is the next to get engaged! The Mardi Gras mask says your life will be a party, and the trumpet symbolizes living life with a song in your heart.


3. Let. It. Go. If I had a dollar for every time my parents, my sister, or my husband told me that a tiny detail wouldn’t matter or that I should “let it go”, this wedding would have paid for itself. I didn’t listen, and I spent much of those 12 months driving Zach crazy. On the day of the wedding, I wasn’t concerned with where the favors were placed, the fact that our flower girl was left off our final draft of the programs, or whether the band would follow our set list requests (despite my resistance to group dance songs, the Wobble prompted some of  my favorite pictures of the night). The things that truly matter are the family and friends that surround you on that day and the overwhelming feeling of love in one room. These are moments you can’t quite capture again, but you can relive through pictures and daily actions. Things went wrong on my wedding day (as most people warned me they would), but we had fun. We laughed, we danced, and we gave thanks for what we have. We made a covenant before God, and I am tied to my best friend forever. That is the most important thing to take away from a wedding.

Florist // Bakery // Venue  // Band // Cake Pulls // Bridesmaid Dress //


Thanks for reading and taking a peek at our special day!



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