Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts


Happy Monday! I’ve decided to list my workouts without weights. While I’m not by any means a licensed trainer, these are the true workouts that I do every week. Starting this past week, I’m trying to get in three lower body days:one squat-focused, one deadlift-focused, and one that I can accomplish in my apartment gym or outside. I am going to try to get in at least one chest-centered, one shoulder-centered, and one back-centered. That didn’t exactly happen for me this week, but it’s the goal. I love to hear about when people try my workouts, BUT I do encourage you to work with a trainer so that your fitness adventures stay safe and healthy. I love finding inspiration in other people’s workouts, and I hope mine can be that for you! Some of my favorites come from A Southern Drawl, Whitney Simmons, and Pen & Paper Strength.

Weekly Workouts + Recipe

Weekly Workouts + Recipe



Vanilla Proatmeal

1/4 cup oats

1/2 cup water (or milk of choice)

1/2 tsp flaxseed

1/2 tsp pumpkin spice blend

1 scoop vanilla protein

Pour oats and liquid into a bowl. Microwave for 1-2 min. Stir in protein–I used BodyTech by Vitamin Shoppe. Top with flaxseed and spice (and berries if you have them!).

Macros: 4F, 27P, 18C

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

Lauren: White Marble Everything

Whether I’m out shopping for home decor or clothes, I’ve been seeing white marble everywhere. I’ve gathered up some of my favorites to share in this post. First off is this incredible crop top and leggings. Altar Ego reached out to me, and I fell in love with their products. I couldn’t wait to get these in the mail, and now that I have them, I have been mixing and matching to get to wear them as often as possible! The best part about this cute outfit is that I have a discount code for readers! 15% off the entire website with the code LAURENK. Check them out. They have shoes, clothes, accessories, and things for men & children, too.


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  1. This Marble & Copper Monogram Board from Williams-Sonoma is perfect as a gift. The fact that it’s personalized makes it even more special. Right now, it’s 20% off!
  2. Target has some amazing smelling candles at a great price. Leather Mahogany is such a home-y scent and fills up the room.
  3. Definitely trying to figure out whether I can convince Zach that we need one of these for the living room…or two for the bedroom.
  4. When I saw this Kitchen Utensil Holder, my first thought went to makeup brushes. I love finding pretty cups for makeup accessories or next to a vase of flowers.
  5.  Lazy Susans can be used in so many different places for different uses. Other than the traditional use, I could see putting a candle, remote control, coaster, etc. on a coffee table! This would look so pretty against our dark wood table in our living room.

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Zach: Layering in Winter

Hey y’all,

Texas winters can usually cause quite a few dilemmas from traffic issues to planned activities to wardrobe confusion. One day it’ll be 75 degrees and sunny and the next day could be 19 degrees with falling snow (this happened this week). This can make it a real pain to figure out how to dress appropriately when going out. Not only can the ever-changing weather be a problem, but being bundled up outside in the cold, then walking into a store or restaurant that has the heat blasting can get uncomfortable very quickly.

This is where the miracle of layering comes in. When you can’t commit to a warm heavy outfit, start off with a light base and then just pile the extra warmth on top as much as needed. This weekend, Lauren and I were out shopping in Fort Worth where the temperature was 25 degrees and we kept our layers on the whole time, but we were going to a concert at Billy Bob’s and knew it was going to get very warm in there very quickly.

I started with a base layer–a classic Buffalo Plaid flannel by linked here. This shirt is currently down from $94.00 to $39.99. Next I put on the classic winter printed quarter zip heavy cotton sweater  and the olive green quilted jacket for the extra cold winds. The jacket can be found here. This product is on a great sale marked down from $90.00 to $39.99. Both of these are by Weatherproof Vintage. No trip to Fort Worth would be complete without a pair of Wrangler Jeans and cowboy boots.

Stay warm,



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Dallas Fitness Ambassadors
  • Farmhouse tacos for 👱🏻 & basic breakfast for 👩🏻 All fueled up for a night of football and GOT!
  • Y'all this shirt. It's me in a nutshell. I'm totally smiling b/c our weekly set of 20 squats is over & I PR'ed at 1X20@ 100lbs unbroken! Grow quads grow!
  • Could absolutely go for one of these cookies right about now. @beatrixchicago had the yummiest desserts & we took home three to eat after brunch 🙈😳 Our Chicago travel guide is up on the blog, so click the link in our bio if you want to see a bunch of food pictures 😉🍽.
  • Dinner in front of the TV for #GOT! This sausage & chicken meal is one of our favorite easy meals. The recipe is on our blog on the 2nd most recent post. Super easy, and YES that's hatch chili cornbread 😉
  • Saturday has become our day to do a @crossfit workout together. A challenging #wod is always better when you have an accountability partner to cheer you on 💪🏻 This was from a few weeks ago: 5 rounds of 200m farmers carry + 20 push-ups + 10 DB push jerks. (60/25lbs). 😝
  • A latté on tap? All my coffee dreams came true yesterday at @lacolombecoffee ☕️
  • Stuck in an airport for hours means looking back at all the delicious food photos from this weekend in Chicago. Cinnamon strawberry crepes from @toast_chicago are a MUST. Look for a travel guide coming later this week, which will likely be a list of our favorite foods 😍 🍴🍽🍾🍷🍻
  • In the car, while doing laundry, on long walks...we have both been listening to podcasts non-stop! They make 45 minutes go by in a flash. We've shared our favorites in our newest blog post. Link in bio 🎧
  • Most nights for dinner, I try to get a good share of protein & vegetables, along with my macro fill of carbs & fat. Some nights, I throw a bunch of chocolate chips into a pint of ice cream and call it a day #balance 💗