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Why You Won’t Catch Us Doing “Cardio”

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Why You Won’t Catch Us Doing “Cardio”
Why You Won’t Catch Us Doing “Cardio”



Whenever fitness routines come up in the conversation and people hear that we both lift weights, we often hear the question, “but how do you get your cardio?”

The definition of cardiovascular exercise is any activity that raises the heart rate. Contrary to popular belief, doing cardio does NOT just include treadmills, stairmasters, and ellipticals. That’s the beauty of creating your own programming or choosing to follow programming that includes metabolic conditioning and movements that tend to raise the heart rate.

Deadlifting for sets of 10? Kettlebell swings? Goblet squats with a pulse? Complexes with cleans, front squats, and jerks? I could go on and on, but these movements can be adapted to raise the heart rate.

There are days when I don’t feel like breaking a sweat or getting out of breath, but I still want to fit in a lift. Those are the days when I focus on low-rep upper body compound movements, like overhead pressing and benching. I’ll follow it with accessory movements, like bicep curls and tricep extensions. If I want to modify those to get my heart rate higher, I’ll superset the movements with things like kettlebell swings, dumbbell snatches, or burpees. Lifting weights can easily be adapted to be a slow, non-sweaty workout, or a “leave you on the floor” kind of deal.

A fantastic example of a workout that involves weights and NO “cardio equipment” is the partner workout featured in this post here.

Our point in sharing all of this is that if you find the treadmill as boring as we do, you can easily get in your cardio in ways BEYOND the treadmill and elliptical!

TOP//WUNDER UNDERS//METCON 3                                                    TANK//SHORTS(SIMILAR)//SHOES

  • Kylie says:

    It’s so true! I can definitely get my heart rate up in the weight room, especially with those kettlebell swings! Sometimes I’ll incorporate HIIT/tabata style workouts in the weight room too if I am running short on time. You can also do so much with just your body weight if you can’t make it to the gym! Great post!

    • says:

      Tabatas are so so tough! I love them for days when I have zero time to workout! So much work in so little time.

  • yessss this is made for me because im not into treadmill.

  • Nice, I love this post! I recently switched my routine from mostly running and HIIT, to lifting and spin (I own a Peloton and love it) but wasn’t enjoying running! I still burn plenty of calories and those routines sculpt more than you think over time 😉 thanks for sharing!

  • Mai Lyn Ngo says:

    YAS! Agreed. I’ll do some cardio but hardly ever since I love to lift. Get ittttt!

  • Yes! There are times when I am doing strength sets that my heart rate spikes higher than a normal jog. I agree completely. Ps- always love your photos!

    • says:

      Thanks! You’re so sweet. We’ve just been using our iPhone lately! 🙂

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