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Zach has always been an avid podcast listener. My podcast addiction started this summer when I found myself running errands and tackling projects that I put off during the school year. The music on the radio sucks, and I can only listen to Pat Green radio on Pandora for so many hours. I referenced Juli Bauer’s list of podcasts and started with Serial.  I couldn’t stop, told everyone about it, and got my mom and sister hooked.

I tackled two series of Someone Knows Something and Accused, before my husband said I needed to quit with the true crime. So I moved on to the next topic that fascinates me: health, fitness, and nutrition. I started light with Paleomg Uncensored, and found myself CRACKING up in public. Juli Bauer of covers topics from Crossfit, Orange Theory, conquering sugar addiction, social media, and my favorite-the Bachelorette.

A few other health & fitness favorites are Girls Gone Wod and Fed & Fit.

Serial: If you like a good episode of Law & Order: SVU or James Patterson mystery-esque novel, this is for you. I thought the Adnan series was better than Bergdahl, but still…if you’ve already listened, tell me what you think in the comments below.

Someone Knows Something: The first series was about a little boy, Adrien, who went missing while on a fishing trip with his dad, siblings, and family friends. He disappeared literally without a trace, and the journalist explores all sorts of possibilities. The end is fascinating, because they may or may not have found something to help the closed investigation. The second series was about a 20s-something girl named Cheryl who went missing the day after she became engaged on national TV. I’m 99.99% sure it was her boyfriend who killed her, because the situation is suuuuuper sketchy.

Accused: A college aged boy finds his girlfriend murdered in the apartment that they share and is immediately the number one suspect. He is tried for the murder (and again for “wrongful death”?-correct me if I’m wrong) and both times, the jury found him innocent. No other leads were officially investigated, but the journalist covers a lot of leads.

Girls Gone Wod: Two avid Crossfitters, Claire and Joy, have been podcasting for years together and are pretty funny. One is a new-ish mom and shares how that changed the fitness game for her. At first, I picked the ones I wanted to listen to, but then decided to go back to episode 1. I love hearing how they venture into so many different approaches to nutrition–vegan, paleo, macros, zone, and whole 30.

Fed & Fit: Cassy hits a lot of paleo topics, but she also talks about things like brown rice vs. white rice, healthy swaps you can make, how alcohol affects your fitness, and holistic health like non-toxic beauty and sleep health.

Rose Pricks: If you watch The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, this is a must. They totally roast the characters, which is a little mean, but it’s hilarious. Their imitations of Eric and Bryan’s mom have me CRACKING up, because they’re so accurate. They basically say what we’re all thinking about this silly show, anyway.

Zach’s favorites: Here are some of my recommendations as well as personal favorite podcasts!

Barbell Shrugged: This one is an oldie and a goody. The crew will cover anything an everything from CrossFit, to nutrition, alternative medicine and philosophy. Mike Bledsoe, Doug Larson and the rest of the crew have a wide array of interests and wildly different personalities, which helps to keep everything light hearted and interesting.

The JuggLife: Chad Wesley Smith and Max Aita do their best “Step Brothers” impression on the podcast, full of dry sarcasm and an infinite knowledge of strength sport, programming, competition tips and analysis of some of the best 80s and 90s films. If you love barbells, cheesy jokes and some of the best guests in Strength Sport then this is a great podcast for you.

Mark Bell’s Powercast: The podcast that started it all for me, this may be the single greatest combination of some of the greatest guests in training and barbell sport, business, jokes that make you absolutely laugh out loud and a little bit of knowledge here and there. From the biggest names in CrossFit, Powerlifting Strongman and even celebrity trainers and the biggest personalities in business. Caution things can get a little immature…but if you find that hilarious like me, then you’re in for a treat.

Power Athlete Radio: With over a decade playing in the NFL John Welbourn has some of the greatest stories from life inside and outside of the league. Joining him are Luke Summers and Tex, all great coaches who routinely drop knowledge bombs about training, nutrition, lifestyle and talk shop about hunting, cars and the NFL life. With some of the most knowledgeable guests from barbell sport, former NFL players, military personnel and some of the brightest minds in medicine and nutrition this is a podcast you will definitely want to listen to. Prepare for some of the driest and most berating humor you can imagine, its like being in a high school locker room all over again.


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  • I was scrolling through Pinterest this morning and became super inspired by these pumpkin pancakes by @somewhatsimpleblog. Whipped up some #paleo pancakes by @birchbenders & ate them too fast to take a photo 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Started off Thanksgiving break with coffee & pastries @magnoliasdallas with @dallasbloggerbrunch and headed straight to @barstellardtx with @dallasgirlgang. The best part of being on IG is meeting the sweetest friends! Tag yourself if I️ missed you!
  • We’re heading to FL 🌴☀️ next week for Thanksgiving, so I’m making my list of books to pack! I️ knocked these two out on my last trip, so pretty please drop your recommendations below ⬇️⬇️
  • Breakfast of champions! With @nespresso in the @hviiibrandgoods mug and a side of krill oil from @fnx_fit. It’s important to get proper fuel from your food and intelligently supplement with high quality products to give your body what it needs. These joints are needing some krill oil after yesterday’s heavy deadlifts! For 15% off use my code “ZKFNX” at checkout! #FNX #redefineyourself #iLive
  • Left the #athleisure at home only for Jay and Meghan ❤️
  • Last week’s field trip took us to some pretty views for trail walking 🌲🍁🍂🌳
  • Because it’s Friday & we’re dreaming about this charcuterie board from @presscafefwtx 😍
  • As you can tell by following along, health & fitness is important to us. Building muscle, staying healthy and focusing on our nutrition are all daily priorities in our home. Check out today’s blog post to read about the next step that I’m taking to further my health & why I decided to #takethejob. S/O to @essentiallyamylynn, @jmarielaviage and @loverlygrey for educating & inspiring me to take the next step! 💗
  • Loving these for that afternoon sweet craving! I wouldn’t say they taste quite like cookie dough, but more like coconut macaroons with chocolate chips 😋 The ingredient list is super simple too:
⏺almond flour
⏺organic maple syrup ⏺organic shredded coconut
⏺ organic chocolate chips
⏺organic virgin coconut oil
⏺organic Madagascar vanilla
⏺ Celtic sea salt